Why Private Medical Insurance is a must have for Dads

Published on: June 13, 2024
Dad with child on shoulder at the beach

Have you considered taking out a private health insurance policy? With long waiting times on an overly-stretched and overworked public health sector, taking out a private health insurance package is becoming increasingly attractive. Giving yourself that extra bit of protection can be important for many people, but it’s especially important for dads. 

Whether you have a young family or older children, a private health insurance policy provides a number of benefits that can be especially important for fathers of all ages and family sizes. Here’s our reasons why private health insurance is a must have for dads.

Extra protection for yourself

If the worst happens and you need to seek out specialist medical care, then the anxiety of waiting for an appointment to get the diagnosis and treatment you need can add stress you don’t need on top of your ailment.

The key benefit of a private medical insurance policy is that it allows you to get access to treatment a lot quicker than you might find with public healthcare. If you need a diagnostic test like an MRI scan or X-ray, you can book one in at a time and place convenient to you. Depending on your private health insurer, you can also often choose the place you go to for your treatment.

Being able to quickly address any health issues you are facing means you can get back to your best quickly too. So you can be present and available for your family when they need you.

Protect your income

A long period of absence from work can cause strain on the relationships you have with your employer. While they may be understanding and supportive at first, long-term health issues can strain even the strongest bonds. You need to ensure that your health is prioritised without jeopardising your income.

The speed of access to treatment through private medical insurance means you can be honest and direct with your employer about the timescale for recovery. The flexibility that private medical insurance provides can also be hugely beneficial. Being able to arrange appointments at times and locations convenient to you and your work will have less disruption.

Protect your family

Many private medical insurance policies give you the opportunity to add your family to your policy, so they can benefit from the protection you get from the coverage. Looking after your own health is important, but for most dads, the health of their children is much more of a priority.

Being able to resolve any health issues your children suffer from speedily and effectively can remove a lot of stress and anxiety from your parenting. 

Many providers will cover multiple children for the same price as a single child, so in most instances there’s no disadvantage to having a larger family. You can often tailor a policy to match your family’s exact requirements, so speak to a private medical insurance broker to ensure you get a package that fits your needs.

Save money by comparing private health insurance policies

Financial concerns are a big part of being a parent. So you’ll want to ensure you are getting the most value out of your private medical insurance. The best way to do this is to use an impartial, independent private medical insurance broker to compare policies across a range of different providers.

Clarity Health Insurance works with a wide-panel of private health insurance providers. Our team of experts work with our clients to find a package that fits their unique, individual health circumstances. Not just on finding a policy at the right price, but also a policy that provides the protection they need, including coverage for children. So you can find the coverage you need as a dad.