Compare Health Insurance Providers

Compare Health Insurance

We understand that choosing the right health insurance plan can be a daunting task, with a myriad of options available in the market. But choosing the right health insurance plan is critical in ensuring you have the appropriate coverage if you ever need it.
At Clarity Health Insurance we understand the importance for you to make an informed choice so that you have peace of mind that you’ve got what you need in place should the unforeseeable happen.

We offer you free expert advice and guidance to help you make that informed choice so that you get the cover you need. Not only do we not charge you for this service but we are completely impartial and have no incentives to any insurer. Our goal is simple – to make you a life-long customer based on the ongoing value we demonstrate. In other words, we want to save you money year after year!

As a well established broker with many years of experience in the industry, we cover all UK insurers including: AXA Health, Bupa, Aviva, Vitality, WPA, The Exeter and more. Of course every insurer we work with is fully FCA approved and regulated.

Why Compare Insurers?

One of the crucial steps in finding the perfect health insurance plan is comparing insurers. There are key factors to consider when comparing insurers that are important to understand. Without fully understanding these differences not only means that you could be paying more, but you also may not be getting all the available benefits that are important to you.

Understanding the nuances between insurers and having direct contact with them is key to our success in ensuring our clients get the cover they need at a price that suits them. Our clients also have peace of mind knowing that we’re there to assist them with any claims or support whenever needed – avoiding unnecessary contact centre waiting times!

Key Points to Consider

There are many factors to consider when comparing your options, such as: your age, health, lifestyle, type of cover, current circumstances, health conditions that are most important to you, whether you’ve had any treatment in recent years, if you’ve claimed in the last five years, if you already have an existing policy and many more.

Below is a breakdown of the main differences between the top UK insurers. Please note: this was accurate at the time of writing, so please seek confirmation from a qualified adviser before you make a final decision.

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One of the UK’s most established and well known health insurance providers that is recognised by many. Bupa goes beyond providing excellent health insurance cover, as they are also dedicated to encouraging people to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Bupa offers three main policies that cover different customer needs:

Bupa By You – comprehensive cover
Bupa Treatment & Care – in or day patient only

Pros of Bupa Health Insurance

  • Bupa does not restrict cover for new customers who are aged over 65 or 70, unlike some of the other top health insurers.
  • Bupa now have six different hospital lists to choose from.
  • Face-to-Face GP appointments

Limitations of Bupa Health Insurance

  • If you choose to limit your outpatient cover on a Bupa By You product, this also limits your access to outpatient diagnostic scans and tests that are not MRI, CT or PET scans.
Vitality Health Insurance


Vitality Health Insurance is a leading provider known for its innovative approach to health coverage. With a unique wellness program that incentivizes healthy living, personalized plans catering to individual needs, and integration with fitness wearables, Vitality stands out in promoting preventive care. 

They offer a transparent pricing structure, an extensive network of healthcare providers, and demonstrates strong financial stability. Known for excellent customer service, Vitality Health Insurance is a compelling choice for those seeking more than just traditional coverage, actively encouraging and rewarding a healthy lifestyle.

Pros of Vitality Health Insurance

Vitality as a compelling choice for those seeking a holistic and proactive approach to health coverage with the following policy features:

  • Innovative wellness incentives

  • Personalized plans

  • Seamless integration with fitness technology

  • Transparent pricing

  • Extensive provider network

  • Financial stability

  • Customer-centric service

  • Unique incentives for a healthy lifestyle

Limitations of Vitality Health Insurance

  • Potential higher premiums compared to standard plans

  • Limited availability in certain regions

  • Requirement for active participation in the wellness program for maximum benefits

  • Emphasis on technology integration may not appeal to everyone

  • Personalized plans may be restrictive for individuals with specific health needs

AXA Health Insurance

AXA Health

AXA Health Insurance is a prominent provider known for its comprehensive coverage and global reach. With a wide range of health plans, AXA offers flexibility and customization to meet individual needs. The insurer emphasizes preventive care, providing access to wellness services and programs. 

AXA’s commitment to customer service, a robust network of healthcare providers, and global coverage make it a compelling choice for those seeking reliable and inclusive health insurance solutions. 

However, specific plan details, premiums, and coverage options may vary, and prospective policyholders should carefully review the offerings to ensure they align with their healthcare needs.

Pros of AXA Health Insurance

AXA Health Insurance solidifies its position as a leading choice in the competitive health insurance landscape with these distinguishing features.

  • Impressive global coverage for individuals with international lifestyles

  • Diverse range of comprehensive health plans for tailored coverage

  • Commitment to preventive care through wellness programs

  • Robust network of healthcare providers for quality care

  • Reputation for excellent customer service and responsive support

  • Potential inclusion of innovative health solutions

Limitations of AXA Health Insurance

  • Potential higher premiums compared to standard plans

  • Varied specific plan details

  • Need for careful review of coverage options to align with individual healthcare needs

  • Limited availability of certain plans and features in specific regions


Over the last 20 years, Aviva have become a well-known brand in the health insurance market. They are now a multinational insurance company who trade across 16 countries. Aviva offer flexible policies that can be tailored to suit the individual.
Aviva’s Healthier Solutions is a comprehensive policy, allowing the flexibility to add optional extras. If you are working on a budget then this is an insurer worth exploring.

Pros of Aviva Health Insurance

  • Aviva offer customers ‘No Claims Discount‘ protection.

  • New customers are offered a price guarantee, in which Aviva commit to not increasing your premium at your first renewal (providing you have not made a claim).

  • Aviva have a choice of four different hospital lists, which gives the flexibility to meet individual budgets and needs.
  • Aviva tend to be competitive in certain areas of the UK, such as Scotland and Northern Ireland, as they have a specialist hospital list designed especially for these areas.
  • With your Aviva private health insurance policy, you will have access to a private GP via a digital app for expert advice and video consultations.

Limitations of Avia Health Insurance

  • If you have claimed in the last 24 months and are looking to switch your health insurance policy to Aviva, you’re likely to expect less competitive prices in this instance.
  • If you live in or around London, the pricing for Top London hospitals can often be much higher than other providers.
  • If you limit the outpatient cover, you are also limiting outpatient diagnostic tests and scans that are not MRI, CT or PET scans, such as blood tests or x-rays, for example.

The Exeter

The Exeter is a mutual society – they don’t have any shareholders to pay, which enables them to reinvest the profits back into the business for the benefit of their members. This ‘mutual’ approach is reflected in their offerings, such as their standard of customer service and ‘community rated’ discount policy.
One thing that differentiates them from other health insurers is that they offer a choice between ‘no claims discount’ or a ‘community rated’ policy. The latter is a structure where future premiums reflect the claims made by a wider pool of customers, not individual claims.

Pros of The Exeter Health Insurance

  • They try to offer competitive prices for families or those adding a partner to their policy.
  • Their HealthWise App offers quick and convenient medical advice and medical treatment services.

Limitations of The Exeter Health Insurance

  • Limiting your outpatient cover with The Exeter to reduce the premium will also limit some outpatient scans and tests.
  • In contrast, other providers like AXA Health and Vitality will fully cover these with a limited outpatient option.

Freedom Health Insurance

Founded in 2003, Freedom Health Insurance is an award-winning private medical insurance (PMI) provider. They aim to offer exceptional customer service and simple yet flexible products at competitive premiums for people both living in the UK and overseas.

One of the most noteworthy differences between Freedom’s health insurance versus other leading insurers, is that they offer a price guarantee to all new customers. The guarantee is that your premium will not rise for two years, even if you make a claim.
They offer a range of products suited to individuals, families, and businesses (insuring two or more employees), including Freedom Elite, Freedom Your Choice and Freedom Worldwide.

Pros of Freedom Health Insurance

  • Children up until their 25th birthday who are in full-time education can be added to your policy.
  • Freedom offer community-rated policies, meaning that you do not have a “no claims discount” attached to the policy; it’s more like joining a big group scheme.
  • Freedom has various levels of outpatient cover to suit all budgets.
  • There are no restrictions on consultant choice and have a wide network of hospitals to choose from.

Limitations of Freedom Health Insurance

  • If you restrict your outpatient cover with Freedom, you are also restricting some diagnostic tests as a result. In contrast, other providers like AXA and Vitality will fully cover these with a limited outpatient option.
  • Age Limit – You can’t join after the age of 70.
General and Medical health insurance

General & Medical

General & Medical are long established players in the provision of medical and other specialist insurance services to professionals, businesses and families both within the UK and internationally. Although providing medical insurance remains a core activity for the group, they have developed many other services and insurance products.

General & Medical offer four different policies

Essential, Everyday, Lifestyle and Elite. A key differentiation with General & Medical is that they are not postcode rated – whereby premiums are not affected by area of residence. Therefore, individuals living in an area deemed more expensive to insure could benefit.

Pros of General & Medical

  • Their policies provide added benefits not available by other insurers such as: private maternity, cash benefits for boarding pets, parking charges cover and more.
  • They do not operate a No Claims Discount, rather policies are community rated whereby premium costs are based on a wider pool of policies and claims.
  • They are well established and have been selling PMI in the UK for over 30 years.
  • General & Medical are the preferred provider of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI).

Limitations of General & Medical

  • On some General and Medical plans there is a cap on cancer treatment.
  • If you limit your outpatient cover with General & Medical by selecting any Everyday or Essentials plan, you will have restrictions on your outpatient cover that you may exceed at point of claim. Alternatively other providers like AXA Health and Vitality will cover these in full with a limited out-patient option.
  • When considering General & Medical as an option please check with your adviser that the hospital list you are taking is sufficient for your needs as there are 3 different lists and they are all considerably different.