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WPA provides health insurance policies to individuals, families, and business clients. As a specialist, not-for-profit private health insurance provider, WPA have won awards for their excellent customer service offering.

Their primary selling point is allowing their clients to choose where, when and who provides the treatment covered by their policy. With a range of packages available, you can tailor your WPA private health insurance policy to ensure you get the protection and coverage you desire.

WPA Health Insurance Policy Review

Complete Health is WPA’s primary private health insurance policy.

Key features of the policy:

  • Every Complete Health Policy comes with a range of core benefits as standard.
  • You can choose from a range of optional extras to add and enhance the cover your policy provides.
  • Access to remote GP services and member support benefits included as standard.
  • Option to benefit from a No Claims Discount.
  • Choose between an excess or shared responsibility to help you gain better control of the price of your premiums.

Things You May Wish to Consider

Some treatments and conditions are not covered by the WPA Complete Health policy, so you may need to discuss your options or look at an alternative provider should you want them included in your policy.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Any dental problems are also not covered, but you may qualify for some limited cash benefits. Long-term chronic conditions are not included in the policy. Cosmetic and elective treatments are also excluded.

Fertility treatment, pregnancy care and childbirth are also not a part of the policy. Any allergic conditions are also excluded from the policy.

WPA set a maximum fee for consultations and operations based on their assessment of the customary and reasonable cost. However, the specialist you choose can set their own prices. This can exceed the amount covered in your fee allowance.

Specialists should inform you of the cost in advance so you can see if it will be covered. Any amount over the fee allowance will need to be covered by you.

WPA Core Benefits

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Inpatient and day patient treatment
  • Range of health and wellbeing benefits
  • Cash benefit for NHS Hospital visits (day patient, inpatient and outpatient)
  • Up to four weeks nursing at home coverage
  • Private ambulance transport when required
  • Up to 10 nights parent and child cover
  • Out of pocket expenses (£10 per day)
  • Hospice donation (£70 per day, maximum £700)

Five-Star Rated Private Healthcare from WPA

WPA’s Complete Health policy has been awarded five stars by Defaqto, a finance industry review company recognised by both financial institutions and consumer professionals. Defaqto assigns a score based solely on a detailed analysis of a product and not on opinion or customer reviews.

A five-star rating from Defaqto means a product has been rated as “excellent” based on the strength of the coverage and the quality of the features and benefits included in the policy.

WPA is also a Which? recommended private medical insurance provider and has a 4.5/5 review rating on Trustpilot, the consumer review aggregation site.

About WPA

With over 120 years of experience in the private health insurance sector, WPA is a not-for-profit specialist insurer. Operating as a company limited by guarantee, WPA is formed of members rather than shareholders. That means any profit derived from its operations is reinvested back into the company.

Choose Where You Are Treated

Many private health insurance providers will only work with certain hospitals and healthcare services they either have partnerships with or fit their coverage criteria. WPA allows their clients to choose where, when and who they get treatment from. So if you have a trusted healthcare provider you wish to work with, WPA allows you to select them as part of your policy.

Cancer Care

You can add cancer coverage to your policy as an optional extra should you want to add this kind of protection. There are no financial caps, and you can qualify for benefits for all tests and treatments. There is also no time limit on follow up care, so you can continue to get checked with consultations and scans after your treatment period. Specially trained case managers are also on hand to help talk you through this often intense, difficult time of your life.

Outpatient Test Coverage

You can opt to add outpatient tests and examinations to your policy to help provide further peace of mind and a quicker diagnosis. Blood tests, X-rays and ultrasounds can be added to your policy. Scans such as MRIs or CT scans are included as a core benefit in your WPA private health insurance policy.

Mental Health Treatment and Therapy

If you would like some protection for your mental health as well as your physical wellbeing, then you can add mental health coverage to your policy. This coverage provides you with a 24/7 health and wellbeing helpline and structured therapy counselling sessions (up to 6 sessions).

There is also an option to add mental health hospital coverage to your policy, up to 28 days in total. You will also need to add either mental health outpatient coverage or structured counselling to your policy to qualify for this access.

You can also add a range of additional therapy treatments to your policy with a choice of benefit limits. These therapies include physiotherapy, chiropractic services, acupuncture and homoeopathy treatments.

Overseas Emergency Treatment

If you spend a lot of time travelling, either for work or recreation, you can add emergency cover to your policy for added peace of mind. This excludes the US and its dependencies.

If you take part in winter sports and what coverage for any injuries incurred, then you can choose an optional extra that will provide you with treatment upon your return to the UK.