VitalityHealth have announced that from Monday 5th August 2019, they will be extending their PHC moratorium to include Mori+.

Moratorium underwriting is one of the most common forms of underwriting and can enable you to gain cover for pre-existing conditions, as long as you satisfied the period for going treatment or medication free.

The new Mori+ that Vitality Health are offering, will allow customers to receive an extra 15% discount if they answer “No” to the following medical declaration.

In the last three years, has your customer or any other person to be insured on this plan:

  • Experienced symptoms, or
  • Received any advice from  healthcare professional, or
  • Received treatment or have treatment planned or expected (including prescribed or over the counter medication)
If the customer cannot answer “No”, they will be given Vitality’s standard moratorium pricing.
 Niall Scott director of Healthcare Clarity said: “It is great to see health insurance companies becoming more competitive.”
“VitalityHealth are already competitive for those looking to switch health insurers and the new Moratorium+ discount, will allow VitalityHealth to become more competitive for those who are new to health insurance.”